Tuesday, September 04, 2012

My Love Affair with Silk

We European women have a love affaire with silk. It goes back centuries. If you look at European fashion throughout the ages, you will notice that only the aristocracy was able to have garments made out of silk.

Silk was revered for many reasons:
1) It was a status symbol
2) It came in far more vibrant colors than cotton or linen
3) It had a beautiful shine that was similar to satin
4) It was light in weight and therefore easier to wear
5) It was exclusive and expensive

Personally, I love wearing silk. It is especially wonderful in summertime, when it's hot. It feels like a whisper on your skin, in contrast to cotton that sort of sticks to your skin. Linen wrinkles like crazy, so you cannot wear it in business meetings or at work.

Apart from that, I love wearing silk because it gives me a feeling of luxury and indulgence....it rests on my skin like a whisper....That’s the reason why it’s also so popular for undergarments.

Another reason why silk is popular in Europe is due to regulation. To state that a garment is 100% silk, it must be made out of silk; no shortcuts as with certain food items! You therefore get what you buy.

There is a growing tendency to check labels. Consumers are smart and want to know what the garment is made of and how to wash it. Silk is also great that way – just gently wash it in lukewarm water using a gentle soap (I use baby shampoo!), and Bob's your uncle! Hang it up when still wet and you do not even need to iron it!

As you can tell, I am a fan of silk. I had a beautiful blouse in gorgeous hue of blue that I had for ages. I also have a blouse in shocking pink and a top + blouse in several shades of pink and purple that I have been wearing and complimented on for 10 years! In contrast to what many people think, silk garment have a long lifespan.

My list of favorite materials:
1) Silk ( my favorite)
2) Viscose (also great, especially in summer)
3) Cotton (nice, but heavy to wear)
4) Linen (I just hate the wrinkles and the material feels quite coarse)
5) Synthetics (I try to avoid them; they stick to my skin)

I still have to test bamboo......I am planning to buy a T-shirt made out of it soon in my fitness center Holmes Place. I wonder how it will hold up. Unfortunately, they are only available in black and green, which excludes my favorites colors (vibrant red and blue).


Dao said...

I could not agree more.

Silk is absolutely superb totally natural fabric and if only natural dye ingredients are used for coloring then they are also one of the most environmentally fabrics as well.

Dao said...

I could not agree more with you.

Silk is indeed a magnificent totally natural fabric.

If the silk is colored using only natural dyes and natural mordants (to keep the colors permanent) then silk is also one of the best ever eco-friendly fabrics available anywhere.