Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Conspiracy theories die hard

If you are a student of journalism or you want to be highly entertained, you should try to get a glimpse of the documentary “death of a princess: accident or assassination”.
It is one of the worse products of journalism ever.

Despite the fact that Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed tragically lost their lives in a fatal car accident, the public doesn’t want to let go.
The father of Dodi, Harrods owner Mohammed Al Fayed, is still on a crusade to prove that his son was the victim of a conspiracy and was assassinated in cold blood.
In a recent television interview, he told the woman who interviewed him that Prince Philip was behind the two deaths.
Apart from being slanderous, it is also a ridiculous accusation.
Who ever heard of an undercover operation that involved a high-speed chase of uncertain outcome, executed in the busiest part of the globe (no less) with plenty of witnesses around? Well, James Bond might have been able to pull it off, but like in the movies, the idea that Diana and Dodi were the victims of an assassination is humbug.

I do sympathize with Mr. Al Fayed’s loss – it is horrendous to lose your child.
But harping on and firing off all kinds of wild theories, insulting bystanders in the process is not the answer.

The interview was not without its comical moments.
The interviewer was a middle-aged, artificially-blonde woman, who conducted the interview in broken English.
Since she was not able to formulate complete sentences and/or ask to-the-point questions, Al Fayed had lots of leeway to vent his colorful opinion of the British Royal Family.
In Al Fayed’s morality play, Dodi and Diana are the Angels, Prince Philip is the Prince of Darkness.
The Prince of Wales is referred to as “an idiot” his current wife as “a donkey” with “the smile of a crocodile”.
Apart from coming across as vengeful, the whole interview was also counter-productive.
It is hard to feel sympathy for a man who wants the Royal Family to be “sent back to Germany and Russia”, when he himself was accused of bribing people in order to get a British passport.

If ever a car accident has been investigated in depth, it’s the one of the late Princess of Wales and her friend.
In my opinion, it’s useless to keep on throwing mud in the hope it will stick.
Apart from anything else, Diana’s children should not have to deal with this constant resurrection of rumors and innuendos that victimize their own grandparents….

The only redeeming element in this interview was the fact that it was so bad that it became hilarious. It made the Oscars coverage looks like Art….enough said.
May be it will win a Razzie....

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