Saturday, December 24, 2005

Poor David Letterman.

Poor David Letterman.
Bad enough that a house painter was involved in a plot to kidnap Letterman's infant son (and is currently serving time for it), he was also stalked for years by obsessed fan Margaret Ray, who served 10 months in prison and 14 months in a mental institution (before committing suicide by kneeling in front of an oncoming train).

But the latest pest in his life really takes the cake.
New Mexico resident Colleen Nestler believes that Letterman torments her over the airwaves using a secret code consisting of words, gestures and "eye expressions" for more than 10 years to convey his desire to marry her and train her as his co-host.
According to her, as a result, she suffered from "mental cruelty" and "sleep deprivation," and has been forced into bankruptcy.

Strangely enough, the Santa Fe District Judge Daniel Sanchez granted a temporary restraining order against Letterman.
The court date has been set on Jan 12, when the judge will determine whether to make the order permanent.
It smells like Ms. Nestler wants to feather her nest with a follow up court case demanding damages.

I am all for people receiving justice, but what about nutters abusing the system?
The Nestler Woman has a rather warped sense of relationships and/or a very fertile imagination.
This is what happened in her little Nestler world…

It all began with her sending "thoughts of love" after he began hosting The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS in 1993.
Mmmm, what about the fact that my cat keeps sending “thoughts of food” to me? Will that mentally damage me?
She goes on claiming that Dave responded to her thoughts of love, and, on his show, in code words & obvious indications through gestures and eye expressions.
She also claims that he asked her to come east.
Yeah, sure, just what the poor guy needs!

Before Thanksgiving 1993, Ms. Nestler claimed that David asked her to become Mrs. Letterman.
Obviously, N. has marriage on her mind – when as a teaser for his show, Letterman jokingly said, "Marry Me, Oprah" Nestler concluded that it was a message intended for her.
She justifies with the statement that Oprah had become the first of her many code names.
It must have been a bummer when the one and only Oprah W. showed up on the show.

Don’t think that Oprah was the only coded message – according to Nestler, the letter C on baseball caps referred to her and she also received specific messages through songs sung by his guests (unfortunately, “Shut up, shut up” of the Black Eyed Peas was not one of them).

What is still a mystery to me is why she waited 10 years to file her complaint.
Did the “relationship” go sour somewhere along the line? Was it Oprah’s book club?
Not drinking enough Kabbalah water? Not receiving good vibes from clams?

Nestler told the Associated Press that she is praying for a permanent restraining order. Mmmm, may be an exorcist can be of help here.

There is a legal aspect to the restraining order business as well.
It is doubtful that the Santa Fe District Court has jurisdiction over Letterman, which (as every law student knows) is lecture # one in law school!
You see, it seems that the Nestler Person never served Letterman with restraining order papers and also failed to follow other procedural requirements.
Oops! May be getting pointers from fellow inmates or from free e-books is not the way to start a legal procedure.

Let’s hope that this whole frivolous farce of a lawsuit will be thrown out of the window.
I feel for Letterman, who comes across as a nice guy. Nobody deserves to be forced to fork out money and waste time to react to this kind of nonsense.
Hitting her with a hefty fine for wasting the court’s time as well as some decent compensation for Letterman’s lost time and costs should do the trick.

To quote the German dramatist, novelist, poet and scientist J.W. von Goethe:

There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity

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