Monday, November 18, 2013

You Can Live Like an Agatha Christie Character – For a Price

Bantham is one of those quaint English villages were time seems to stand still. Located on the shores of south Devon, it consists of 25 cottages with thatched roofs, one shop and a pub. The hamlet is part of the family-owned Evans Estates. It is currently for sale – for Euro 11.9m., you can be the proud owner of the village; purchasing the whole estate will cost you Euro 41.7m. However, you will get more than just prime real estate; you will buy literary history.

Nearby Bigbury Beach, one of the region's largest beaches, can also be purchased. A TV adaptation of Agatha’s Christie’s “Evil Under The Sun” was filmed there, as was the British TV show Lovejoy.

From the beach, there is a spectacular view of Burgh Island, which is only 250m away and can be reached on foot when the tide is out. The Art Deco Burgh Island Hotel was not only the second home of Torquay-born Christie, but also of Noel Coward. Agatha Christie wrote both "And Then There Were None"as well as "Evil Under The Sun" while she was staying at the hotel during the 1930s.

The residents of Bantham fear that their village will be sold to an investor for real estate development. They hope that Richard Branson, who a regular visitor, will be the new owner.

Want to live like Miss Marple? Would you like to pen at the Burgh Island Hotel? Or get inspiration while soaking up the sun on Bigbury Beach where Poirot did his sleuthing?

You can! But for a price….

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