Monday, August 27, 2012

How a Plastic Surgery in Caracas Uses Fairy Tale Characters for PR

Venezuelan Clinica Dempere is a plastic surgery clinic in Caracas. It promotes its
services in a clever, tongue in cheek, way. Ad agency ZEA BBDO produces clever ads based on the makeovers of fairy tale characters.

Under the slogan “We Make Fairy Tales Come True”, the frog is turned into a prince, and the ugly witch in a sexy vixen. But their latest ad might get them in hot depicts the makeover of the Andersen’s mermaid into a buxom, stiletto wearing, beauty.

The problem? She closely resembles Ariel of the Disney movie.] The ad created a storm in a teacup in the USA. Many critics were not happy with Disney’s portraying of princesses, claiming that they have the impossible figure of a Barbie doll and are therefore sending the wrong message to young girls about the definition of beauty. But worse, the ad might infringe on the IP of Disney.

That company is notorious for going after any infringement. Personally, I do not see the problem. The ads are clearly meant for discerning adults with a cheeky sense of humor. I doubt if any little boy or girl would take them seriously.

As a parent, I would be far more concerned about the original fairy tale by Andersen, where the op is performed with a sword (and no anesthetics a far as I remember!)

Disney’s legal eagles might take action, but ifor now, Clinica Dempere is enjoying its free press! Beats the hell out of issuing press releases and having a PR company promote your services for lots of $$$$.

It I would work for Clinica Demere, I would say “bring it on”, and contemplate which fairy tale to use in my next ad...Cinderella springs to mind!

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