Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Women on top?

Women account for half of the world’s population.
But the only profession where women make more money and have more power than their male colleagues is the modeling industry.
Sad, but true. But women are taking control, at least as action heroines.

Film studios are hiring Oscar winners to play tough gals.
Catherine Zeta-Jones will be in fighting form for another Zorro movie; Charlize Theron plays Aeon Flux; Halle Berry slips into the role of Storm in the X-men III.
These ladies kick the you-know-what out of the Bad Guys on the silver screen.

Needless to say, this change of heart has nothing to do with the moral conscience of the Hollywood Honchos.
They are not in the business of empowering women, but in the business of generating cold hard cash.
According to Warner Bros, female superheroes will generate about 25 per cent more in box office receipts than male superheroes.
"Young men have realized they prefer to spend two hours in the dark with a wild woman than with a man," said a report.
So no enhancement of the Equality of the Sexes cause- our superwomen are there to feed the macho in our young males. Mmmm, not exactly what Emily Pankhurst had in mind!

Needless to say, the Defenders of the Traditional Family Values are not too pleased about this new phenomenon.
"These women are both more sexually aggressive and, helped by special effects, much more rowdy violent than John Wayne or Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be," a spokesman for Plugged In Movie Review, a syndicated conservative radio program, stated.
"The old-school heroes would just gun a baddie down and then make a banal quip. The women, aided by invisible wires, keep kicking you in the head until you crumple. It's more realistic in a way and some of them are just terrifying."
It makes him sound like a whining girlyman, doesn’t it?

The actresses try to put some substance to their roles – Oscar winner Theron described her character Flux as a "strong freethinker.”
Needless to say, male adolescents are more likely to be attracted by scanty outfits and big guns than the character and morals of the super heroine.
Theron’s pic will be followed by more of the same Female Fury.

Milla Jovovich, who already gave us a taste of her heroics in “The fifth element” will beat up zombies in Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Kate Beckinsale, better known for personifying Jane Austin’s Emma, will hunt werewolves in Underworld: Evolution.

The ones that will suffer are not the screen villains, but real life action hero actors. Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone are all planning to resume their muscle-bound characters.
These three middle-aged men have to compete with well-toned and beautiful women half their age.
Let’s face it: if you are an adolescent, who do you want to goggle: a gorgeous young woman or a guy old enough to be your Dad?
What will be next? Jane Bond?
Or better, a (former) actress for Prez?
Lauren Bacall, you have my vote!

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