Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Guys like gadgets

Guys like gadgets. Must be something in their NDA. Just show them anything that looks like a tool and they will pounce in it like a cat on a mouse. Especially if it blinks, spins or consists of heaps of tiny removable parts.
It all starts from an early age – when little girls are playing house and having tea parties to hone their socials skills, little boys take objects apart and try to reassemble them. Needless to say, they are most of the time not successful in the reassembly department, which they have in common with many of their adult counterparts.
For the fun of it, just take your Significant Other into town. Just observe him when he stands in front of a hardware or electronics store and looks at the items on display as if they were Tiffany diamonds. You get my point? Must be evolution. Don’t get me wrong, in Neanderthal days, tinkering around with rocks to make spearheads is definitely more useful than wondering if you can mix a leopard skin dress with sable tooth tiger shoes. But we have come a long way since then.
Women use gadgets too, but have a pragmatic approach. As a woman, you find out what the functionality of say, a mobile device is and the price. Then you want to know if it has been proven to work and if it comes with an extended guarantee. Only then do you want to purchase it, providing it comes in the right color scheme.
Males have a different approach. Especially with high-tech gadgets, the smaller the better.
This leads to hilarious scenes, where you see beefy guys unsuccessfully punching at micro keys that can only be operated by a) children’s fingers or b) long and sharp female fingernails.
This doesn’t stop guys from comparing their devices with those of colleagues and male friends. Proudly they boast that theirs is smaller and weight less than those of their audience. As a result, they loose their devices regularly, which keeps whole factories working overtime.
Guys also want the latest models with additional functions that a) they don’t need b) they will never use. It must make them feel “cool” – that's the only reason why they keep spending extra money on it.
There is one thing that guys do want bigger and bigger (no, I am not referring to their cars) and that’s memory. Instead of training their own, they want computers and devices that can save information the size of the Library of Congress. I find this hilarious: they don’t even remember where their socks are or where they left their glasses, but they MUST have a multi-Giga memory chip in their computer. The fun part is – with so much memory how do you remember where you stored your info? Sounds like one of those silly exercises I had to do in university. Needless to say my professor was not only male, but also a gadget guy.
So ladies, next time you want to give a present to your Significant Other, forget about symbolic gifts linked to the first time you met. Waste of time and money and you will only get upset since he will not make the connection (and cannot find the relevant date on his mega Giga disk memory). Just give him a set of screwdrivers. Start with the alcoholic one and move on to a tool set. He will lovingly touch them, pick them up, turn them around and look hopefully around to find something to do with it. So put them and him to use – point at the cupboard you wanted him to fix for a long time. (No need to check your computer memory for that!) I guarantee you – it will be a huge success since guys just love their gadgets.

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